Business Law

Howard D. Simmons is an experienced Business Attorney and Litigation Lawyer, dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients. He has counseled numerous companies on how to handle business legal matters including:

  •    Contract development and negotiation
  •    Partnership agreements
  •      Lease agreements
  •      Noncompete and Nondisclosure agreements
  •     Employment agreements
  • Startups
  • Real Estate Law

Start Up Business Lawyer

Howard D. Simmons represents entrepreneurs, executives, owners, and start up businesses. With his technical expertise, he has helped many early stage companies get on their feet. There are several differences between a startup company and a small business venture, although both involve the motivation of innovative entrepreneurs, startups are a temporary organization designed to orchestrate a scalable business model. It signifies high growth, high potential, with a focus on technology.

Mr. Simmons has extensive experience with startups, and works with founders towards meeting their goals. His services include:

  •      Startup Business Issues at Formation
  •       Founder Arrangements
  • Company setup timing issues
  • Contract Drafting

These are just a few examples of what Howard D. Simmons has to offer. He understands the difficulty of getting great ideas of the ground, and he will work to ensure that your startup venture comes into being effectively and legally. Make sure that your intellectually property rights are protected, and that the platform for your startup has a secure foundation with the aid of Startup Business lawyer Howard D. Simmons.

Real Estate Lawyer

Howard D. Simmons takes a personal, full-service approach when it comes to Real Estate Law. He has successfully litigated numerous Real Estate related cases in matters such as:

  •    Closings
  •    Landlord and Tenant Issues
  •    Negotiating Leases
  •    Representing Buyers, Sellers, and Lenders
  •    Offers, Purchases and Sale Agreements
  •    Resolving Real Estate Disputes
  •    Homeowner–Contractor Issues
  •    Short Sale Advocacy